Gore Mountain, NY: 3/8/10

Plan was to meet Xman and Margo at 9:45 at the Gondi. Unlike other rendezvous plans from this weekend, it worked perfectly. Off the Gondi we chose Uncas. It’s steep pitch, and southeast face, makes it great first choice on a spring day.

Once again, I couldn’t resist the trees. But on a cool spring morning, the trails were the place to be. Chatiemac was groomed and rippin. Lies, groomed on Saturday, had nice midsize bumps.

We worked the south side first and then moved to the north. I was surprised how carvable Lower Steilhang and Lower Darby were. Both of those runs were STILL retaining the packed pow feel, that was absent on the rest of the mountain.

It was getaway day for me, and X and Margo had an appointment on the lower mountain at noon, so we headed down Open Pit to Headwaters to Tannery to bring it in.

We hit Fairview to the Saddle with hopes that an early end to racing, would give us a shot at the Twister Glades. It was not to be. We closed it out on Showcase leapfrogging for photos.

Xman Lies

The conditions today were good, but not a match to the last two days. It seems that every perfect spring day, leads to another that is not QUITE as good as the day before.

The company couldn’t be beat. Xman and Margo… thanks for a truly memorable day. Can’t wait to ski with you both again.

8 comments on “Gore Mountain, NY: 3/8/10

  1. Harv, Thanks for a wonderful morning. It was great to ski with you. I am glad I caught that shot. It really captures the full on go for it that defines your skiing. We will have to try to do it again.

  2. X, that is definitely “Photo of the Day” material. You should submit it to Gore.

  3. Harv – Jeff is right – you need to submit that photo to Gore. Thanks for posting the great shots. It got cloudy and windy in the afternoon. The top firmed up and was a little faster than the morning. The bottom was mush.

    It still was a great day. I went to the final bell and was one of the last skiers off the mountain.

  4. I LOVE UNCAS !!!! Man we rocked that puppy mondo times 2 weeks ago . Altho i'll be 67 yrs old soon i had NEVER done that side of Gore before.

    All of the trails off that side were super fun. The TOP was a bit socked in the 2 days we were there but Lies was running well according to my son and grandson. Another one i enjoyed was the one directly skiers left of Uncas and also headwaters a nice mellow cruiser up top.

  5. I’ll leave any photo submission to the photog himself – Xman.

    Bryan – I am with you on Uncas. One of the best, most beautiful, and under-used groomers on the hill.

    The bare hands… as usual, with me… it’s complicated. It was maybe 35 or 40 degrees. Not really that warm. But for a couple reasons I was overdressed. That fleece I wear is very warm, but I like it because it’s got a bunch of pockets. A blogger needs his zippered pockets. For me, the simplest way to cool off is to lose the mittens.

  6. Seeing that pic Harv on Uncas, makes me think of the metal guitar of ZZTop … Do do do do do do do do do, do do do do do do do do do…

    Does anyone know the name of that song? 🙂

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