Gore Mountain, NY: 11/28/10

At 10:20 on Sunday, Gore Mountain dropped the rope on Topridge, the first expert terrain of the season. There were some water bars to manage, and a few other irregularities.

Topridge opens

The temperature/humidity was right on the borderline for snowmaking, so surfaces weren’t silk you get when you make snow at 5 degrees. But it was the right kind of snow to be laying down as a base. No one was complaining and it was a blast skiing it. Pitch, swales and a very carvable surface.


3 comments on “Gore Mountain, NY: 11/28/10

  1. Nick… you’da ripped it. It was totally worth skiing. SBR … still limping on my barely alive K2 World Pistes. The good news is that my T2Xs came back from warranty repair in Seattle in time for the weekend.

  2. So Harv, what are you skiing on? Leather lace-ups and some old Karhus? Or did you finally get new stuff and not tell us about it?

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