Friday Fantasy Photo #28

Teleskier at Hunter Mountain

Harvey on Wayout • Hunter Mountain, NY • December 20, 2009

“Conditions started as firm, but edgeable corduroy. The morning progressed and it began to warm up. As skier traffic loosen up the surface, it became obvious that the manmade snow was piled up very deep. Over on West, Claire’s was the run of the day. Big bumps, deep manmade and continuous, relentless snowmaking…”

4 comments on “Friday Fantasy Photo #28

  1. Harv, imagine what you could do in that deep stuff with those nomads! You’d be a crust bustin fool!

  2. @Shaman: I am a low rider, or I was in 2009. I’m definitely more upright now, but when the going gets tough, I still get down.

    @Ted: I needed a Hunter photo and this was the best one I had. I wanted to support the Catskills in this week’s shot.

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