Friday Fantasy Photo #19

Riverc0il in Slide 2 • Whiteface, NY • April 9, 2011

“We lapped the Summit chair waiting for the Slides. Patrol opened access at about 11 and we did as many runs as we could. The skiing was fantastic. Steep, soft, bumps and trees — even the ice was soft…”

3 comments on “Friday Fantasy Photo #19

  1. It was a great day Harv but somehow we never managed to catch up with you. That will happen in the slides!

  2. Can’t wait to try my hand at those.. someone needs to give me lessons. aka push me past what i’m willing to do myself haha

  3. @RM … problem is that when the slides are going there really is no waiting. That day was a perfect example – they shut down the slides around 1:30 pm because of an injury. We only got three laps. “No friends on a slides day?”

    @James – get in there when YOU are ready. You’ve got plenty of time to work up to it.

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