Friday Fantasy Photo #10

Buddy John • Central Adirondacks, NY • Jan 19, 2009

13 comments on “Friday Fantasy Photo #10

  1. Great picture! I don’t know how much more of these pix I can take though Harv, my dreams are getting weird in a skiing kinda way!

  2. I am on 185cm Karhu 100s.

    Keith is a great photographer.

    Hope to get more this coming year!

  3. John, what kind of bindings are on those Karhus? I have a pair of 186s and want to mount a pair of dynafit st or fts and wonder how they would drive that ski.

  4. Good subjects, good snow and good locations make the difference. (and maybe a little enhancement, aye Harv?)

    I look forward to taking more this year John.

  5. I’m just not sure what you’re referring to Adk Keith? And besides, I spoke to our lawyer … me thinks the title of the blog entry for the FFF allows us the latitude to take whatever steps are necessary to stoke the fire!

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