East Hill, NY: 12/25/10

Growing up in the western suburbs of Syracuse, I remember classmates referring to this 120-vertical-foot feeder hill, mentioned briefly in the recent ThatNYguy interview, as “Mount East.”

East Hill Base Lodge

Instead of heading off by myself to Greek Peak for Christmas Day turns, we decided to have a family afternoon, so my wife and son came along to go sledding.


The last time I personally saw it in operation was five years ago, but today was the first time I’ve actually skied it. I made a few ten-second runs on goofy styrofoamy snow. My son had never seen me skiing, so it’s fun to hear him squealing with joy.

Happy Holidays from all of us at NYSkiBlog.

6 comments on “East Hill, NY: 12/25/10

  1. Awesome!

    You could’ve taken the kid tubing at Greek Peak. It was very quiet there yesterday, and they also had some of their adaptive ski program instructors there too. I was surprised at the number of staff there. Anyone could have had a private lesson yesterday just for showing up.

  2. As we were leaving CNY to drive back to NJ this afternoon, there was a hand-written sign saying that East Hill will be running the rope tow on Weds and Thurs: $8. Back from the dead!

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