Whiteface Trail Map 1987

Whiteface trail guide 1987


The Olympic Mountain

Wilmington, New York
Site of the 1980 Olympic Alpine Events

Trail Map & Skiers Guide

Trail Name—SnowmakingRating
1.Cloudspin◆ Exp.
2.Skyward◆ Exp.
3.Excelsior■ Int.
4.Essex◆ Exp.
5.Northway Upper◆ Exp.
6.Northway Lower■ Int.
7.Connector■ Int.
8.Approach◆ Exp.
9.Empire◆ Exp.
10.Mac Kenzie◆ Exp.
11.Wilderness◆ Exp.
12.Mountain Run◆ Exp.
13.Parkway◆ Exp.
14.Thruway◆ Exp.
15.Upper Valley■ Int.
16Lower Valley■ Nov.-Int.
17.Burton’s■ Int.
18.Broadway■ Int.
19.Easy Street● Nov.-Int.
20.Boreen● Nov.-Int.
21Danny’s Bridge■ Int.
22.Wolf● Beg-Nov.
23.Bear● Beg.
24.Mixing Bowl● Beg.
25.Home Run● Beg.
26.Silver● Beg.
27.Gold● Beg.
28.Bronze● Beg.
29.Paron’s Run■ Int.
Mid Unload Point Lodges – L
Trail RatingParking
Easiest (Green)Nov. P1 • P2 • P3 • P4 • P5
More Difficult (Blue)Int. Bus Parking • BP
Most Difficult (Black)Exp. ◆
• 8 Lifts• Cocktail Lounge
• 29 Trails & Slopes• 3 Lodges
• Snowmaking (93%)• Ski School
• Nursery• Ski Shop
• Nordic Trails• Cafeteria
Managed by: The Olympic Authority, Ned Harkness, President
Whiteface Manager: John Plausteiner
Administration: 518-946-2223; Snow Report: 518-946-7171
For accommodations contact: Chamber of Commerce in
Wilmington, NY, Lake Placid, NY or Saranac Lake, NY
1A Chair6,120′1,314′
1B Chair4,030′880′
2 Chair4202′1,555′
3 Chair780′83′
4 Chair1.534′300′
5 Chair2,246′344′
6 Chair4780′1,835′
7 Chair3,935′1,458

map courtesy of teachski.com