Highmount Trail Map 1978

Highmount Ski Center was built by two brothers. In 1939, Francis and Maurice Davenport acquired 110 acres in Highmount, NY. They cleared 5 trails and added 3 rope tows. The work was completed in the fall of 1946 and the resort opened in January of 1947 after the first snow. Highmount operated until 1993.

Highmount Ski Area trail map 1978

Highmount Ski Center

1.Base Lodge
2.Ticket office, ski shop, ski school
3.T Bar
4.T Bar
5.Poma lift
6.Children on Skis
7.Rip Van Winkle — more difficult
8.Dry Brook — more difficult
9.Catskill — more/most difficult
10.Highmount — more difficult
11.Big Indian — most difficult
12.Delaware — more difficult
13.Delaware Express — most difficult
14.Delaware Local — easiest
15.Spring Glen — more difficult
16.Glide — easiest
17.Rope Tow

Novice Area

18.Poma Lift
19.Esopus — easiest
20.Down Under — easiest

Trail Markings

—Easiest slopes
—More difficult Trails
—Most difficult Trails
?—Closed Trails