Whiteface UMP 2018

Whiteface UMP Map 1

Whiteface UMP Map 2

The following lists the New Management Actions that are the subject of this UMP Amendment and that can be undertaken after the UMP Amendment is adopted.

New Downhill Trails and Lifts

• Extend Bear Den’s lift (Bunny Hutch or Lift C), with related trail work
• Widen Easy Way
• Widen Brookside
• Widen Easy Street
• Widen Upper Boreen
• Widen Boreen Loop
• Widen Parkway Exit
• Widen Drapers Drop
• Construct New Intermediate Trail 12a on Little Whiteface
• Extend and Replace the Bear Lift (Lift B)
• Replace and Realign Freeway Lift (Lift I)

Parking and Vehicular Circulation

• Create additional parking
• Create a formal drop-off area at Bear Den
• Construct a base area bridge behind NYSEF building to replace existing culverts
• Possible second bridge over West Branch Ausable River (Conceptual Action)

Pedestrian Circulation

• Install a People Mover Between Parking and Base Lodge (Conceptual Action)
• Install a Base to Base transfer lift (Conceptual Action)


Examine options for a snowmaking reservoir (Conceptual Action)

Source: Whiteface UMP 2018