Gore’s Cirque Glades: Longest in the East?

We’re wondering about Gore’s claim that the Cirque Glades are the “longest in the East.” The Burnt Ridge Quad’s vertical is listed as 1432 feet and Cirque covers most of that vertical.

Cirque Glades

Gore lists the vertical at 1362, so it’s a long run. Another source lists the vertical as 1106 feet and the length at .82 of a mile.

But is the Cirque Glades the longest tree run in the East? There is nothing longer at Mad River? Jay Peak? Cannon? Post what you know below.

One comment on “Gore’s Cirque Glades: Longest in the East?

  1. Pretty sure they are just recycling the same claim that they used to make about Twister Glades 7 or 8 years ago. Can’t help with veracity.

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