3 Things To Like About Gore Mountain

Dreaming about winter, and pondering some of my favorite things about Gore Mountain:

1 – The runs under the lifts. High Pines, Dark Side, Straightbrook. Now Sagamore. Even Showcase is decent. With those first three…they are just a little beyond me, so the challenge is perfect. Also I like any run where irregular bumps form – the opposite of zipper line. Somehow I’m just more in tune with those runs.

2 – The lack of lift lines. I hope the optimists are right and we’ll enjoy that for a long time to come.

3 – The terrain. If you’ve even been to a mountain like Blue Mtn in PA….it’s a straight ridge. Blacks in the middle, Blues next to that, Greens are windy roads on the side. So boring. Gore’s got all kinds of convolutions, that set up different areas with different personalities. Ya you’ve got flats in there. So what. One thing for sure, on teles the flats are no big deal.

And when you’re riding the Straightbrook, you get about a 1/3 of the way up and look over to the right. Basically your in a wooded bowl, that you can ski almost all of…trails, glades, and off the map. It’s like a big playground. And on how many mountains are the two summit chairs so well protected from the wind? What mountains of Gore’s size have that much tree skiing?

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