Spring Weekend in the Adirondacks

I usually head up to the Adirondacks in May, by myself, for a work weekend. Split the wood for next season, and handle other chores that bore the women folk. Last year, on May 2, I found it to be surprisingly buggy. With the early end to winter this year, I moved the work weekend up. This year CB and Neve really wanted to come.

Jeff, Beth Daniel and Sylvie, came up on Saturday, to check out the cabin, go for a hike and have a cookout.

It’s a short hike that starts by circling the base of the mountain crossing a few streams, and then it heads straight up for maybe 500 vertical feet.

The reward is a really nice view of 13th Lake and Siamese Ponds Wilderness. In the end I didn’t get much work done, but it was a really nice, relaxing weekend.

Balm of Gilead Mountain

2 comments on “Spring Weekend in the Adirondacks

  1. Looks like a fun weekend. Jess and I got out Tues-Wed this past week. No luck fishing. Don’t have many photos but maybe I can send you a little report to keep the blog fresh. We were out in the Eastern region, East Canada creek.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Chris… would definitely like to see your pics of the East Canada, lunkers or not. Not even a nibble?

    FYI …probably should have brought the sticks… Lies was still looking really good.

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