NOAA Long Range Temp Forecast

National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA and NWS) are continually making long term temperature predictions based on ocean temperature trends. These maps show how predicted temps will compare to long term averages across the country.

Predicted Temps vs Avg: Dec 2010

While weather guys like Jason are skeptical about the accuracy of anything beyond 10 days out, we really like looking at this stuff.

Temps vs Avg: Jan 2011

Last year’s El Nino Forecast from July was spot on. Bastardi’s long range was also very accurate.

Temps vs Avg: Feb 2011

What we’re seeing this year looks similar to last year in some ways. A moderately cold core to the winter, and a blowtorch in March. We know there’s nothing you can actually DO with this information, but it’s fun to post it and take a look at the end of the season to see how it turned out.

Temps vs Avg: Mar 2011

2 comments on “NOAA Long Range Temp Forecast

  1. Now if this information was available before June 17 it could have been useful for deciding on season pass options. See what you can do about that next year, OK Harv?

  2. The schedule for long range weather updates is considered carefully here at the NY Ski Blog Weather Center. Our next update will be on November 20th. ;0

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