Le Massif de Charlevoix, QC: 3/23/10

After yesterday’s sunny blue skies and warm temps, there couldn’t have been a bigger market correction. It started nuking early this morning accompanied by 25 mph winds and this kept up the entire day. Le Massif’s well-known views were nowhere to be found; today was all about storm skiing.

We met up with guide Denis Robichaud, who had us laughing the whole day while doing 2,500-vert laps on Le Massif’s three high-speed quads.

We learned a lesson about trusting long-term weather forecasts. We were expecting the entire week to be warm and didn’t bring any cold-weather gear.

After an hour of our faces getting machine-gunned by stinging precip, we bought some masks and skied in comfort the rest of the day.

When he heard that I was going into the boutique to buy that accoutrement, Denis called me the French-Canadian variant of “big fairy.”

2 comments on “Le Massif de Charlevoix, QC: 3/23/10

  1. Wow James, you have really hit the timing right with this trip, getting in nice spring conditions and powder! Any tree skiing at Charlevoix in that new snow? Those trees from a couple days earlier (Massif du Sud) looked sweet.

  2. At Massif yesterday, there wasn’t quite enough new snow in the woods to cover the refrozen corn (I’m sure that was rectified by this morning — they reported 20 inches from this storm).

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