Jason’s Weather: 11/2/10

It’s a cold day in the North Country. And it looks like more cold air is in store for later this week. A much more pronounced and deeper trough will be affecting the Northeast after tomorrow.

Vorticity (energy) rounding the base of the trough will spawn a moderate coastal system. This system will bring light to moderate snows to Western and Central New England. After the low passes, the coldest air of the season will follow.

UPDATE Thurs 6am: It looks like today’s event won’t bring the snows that I anticipated. The low moves to central NE instead of the Gulf of Maine. So it looks more wet than white for the mountains. Maybe some light backlash snows Friday night and Saturday. Also the cold air is not as deep and the warm up next week is more pronounced.

5 comments on “Jason’s Weather: 11/2/10

  1. I think it would be great to post the latest on Gore and WF snowmaking at this point: all the big guys in VT are now blowing snow, and Kmart opened today (a couple of upper mountain trails, gondola back down to the base).

  2. Kid … stay tuned to the HR Weather Page… I’ll try to keep Twitter updated with weather and snowmaking updates. Whiteface announced today at 2:30 that they are blowing snow tonight.

  3. Gore and Whiteface plan on starting to make snow on 11/15, weather permitting of course. Opening day at both mts is ALWAYS Thanksgiving weekend, so they are never going to start any earlier.

  4. Gotta love this time of year. relax go hunt some deer. Skiing will start in early December, Remember its a state mountain. Only 5 people work there right now. They are bringing the other 5 people on in two weeks. Thats when the restaurants in town get excited and stay open 3 days a week.

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