Governor Paterson’s Rafting Trip

Governor Paterson recently took a 2-day rafting trip through the Hudson Gorge with Beaver Brook Outfitters.

Governor Paterson rafting

Politics aside, it’s a good thing whenever a governor experiences first-hand the outdoor recreation opportunities that we have in the mountains of New York.

Congratulations to Pete Burns and Beaver Brook Outfitters for being selected for the honor of guiding the Governor on the river.

Full story in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

2 comments on “Governor Paterson’s Rafting Trip

  1. That’s a much better story than the Canadian equivalent. Our fearless leader, Mr. Harper, went for a joyride on an ATV and called it the highlight of his summer.

  2. Pete Burns is really cool. When I first moved here, I had no skis, no money to buy them and was gonna rent often. He hooked me up with top shelf stuff at a good price. He did me other solids too. He didn’t have to do either and just volunteered his goodwill out of the blue. Not many people are like that.

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