Gore Mountain, NY: 4/6/07

Ski Day 30

Skied the mountain today. I’m over at the Garnet Hill Lodge now scoring free internet, having wings and a Smittick’s. Today was pretty good. I skied alone all day. The website said “10 inches at the summit.” Maybe.

It squalled most of the day today. Everything that had been groomed recently, but not last night, – was killer. There wasn’t much of it. I thought the best piece of onpiste skiing that hadn’t been groomed was the cutacross from Hawkeye to Chatiemac, down along the left to the opening of the Straighbrook glades.

I hit Lies right as they opened it – it was death and great at the same time. You leaped of the tops of these bullet proof moguls and tried to find an unskied 10″ to land in. I hit Lies again right after that and it was mostly just death. Rumor never opened.

Poached Darby Woods and StraightBrook – they were good the first time through. There really isn’t enough back there to be going in. Unless your line is 100% unskied. A couple guys sneaked in to the Dark Side from the side without duckin the rope.

Like I said, if the groomer missed it, it was great, with some surprises… Tannery, Dell, Mica, Santanoni, Upper Steilhang …were all great early. By the afternoon, to get the goods you had to rip tight turns within 10 feet of the edge. On teles it was exhausting. I made it from first tracks to 3:30 and I’m spent.

Got a tip from an old timer. “Twister was killer.” When the triple isn’t running I usually avoid the bottom. The Gondola is a pain on Teles. But I went down there. The dude was right – Twister was the pick of the day – and will be great tomorrow.

Hope it snows more.

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