Cape Cod Lake Effect

Cape Cod Lake Effect.

4 comments on “Cape Cod Lake Effect

  1. My parents in Buffalo got 5 inches of lake effect at their house. I saw 5 flurries here in Poughkeepsie…

    I knew when I bought snow tires for the first time ever this year, that I'd jinx the winter. (Sigh)

  2. Speaking of lake effect…I love those really cold January days at Gore with a strong westerly flow that sends cellular lake effect "bursts" all the way to the mountain. Where it snows for 10-15 minutes, then clears, then snows again…I love that. The cold keeps the clowns in the lodge, and the slopes get continually kissed with some of that fresh, fluffy lake effect.

    Growing up in Buffalo, I could yammer on for hours about my love of lake effect snow…

  3. Matty…

    I didn't know you were a poet. I may have to quote you on that.

    I posted that second picture, because … even though it's a little tragic … it looks like lake effect r**n which is more unusual than the good stuff.

    PS – I want your input on the upgrade thread!

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