A Neighborly Visit to Mad River Glen

I’m not a big fan of helmet cam video. But this is a really nice piece of work. The key grip takes time to pause and film his partners. The doggies are a nice touch. The music is great.

3 comments on “A Neighborly Visit to Mad River Glen

  1. Totally kick ass. The snow looks really nice for a spring dump. Check out the Jay Peak web site. It says they got 19-22in and they opened 2 lifts.

  2. Harvey, we think alike. I found this video a few days ago on AlpineZone and emailed it to my crew, then today posted on the JJ blog. As you will see, I had pretty much the same opinion as you and I didn’t see your comments till after I posted.

  3. I thought I was over the skiing bug and then I watched this. I’m jonesing to ski again!

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