The Mountains Less Traveled: Chic Chocs, QC

This year I’ve taken a relaxed approach to the end of ski season. I’ve put storage wax on but left my the skis by the door. To some extent I’ve been right and wrong. Local hills have long since abandoned attempts to stay open and the lucky few who skied the recent dump in the Greens surely know that the curtain is lowering on winter.

My unhurried approach this spring is the result of a secret card I’ve had up my sleeve, a trip booked months ago to the far reaches of the Northeast, the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec. The area is home to the Chic Choc mountains, a backcountry paradise of huts and deep snow at the tip of the Appalachian range. What follows is my first taste of adventure in this exceptional place, although I am sure that this could easily become a yearly installment.

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