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  1. Cool vid… what i also find interesting is that all that skiing was done on 60-65mm waist skis..

  2. The skiing near Nelson BC is like that. One of my most memorable ski trips. Hope to get back there some day.

  3. Drove right past Whitewater on my way back from Nakusp. Very special part of the world.

  4. 60-65mm Waist skis…207…One pair of skis to ski woods, slalom courses, bumps and POWDER!!! Everything else wider were called “CHEATERS” back 20 years ago. People in the interior BC called the first fat skis (which aren’t fat by today’s standards), skis for Tourists.

  5. Great video, makes me want to dig out my old Rossi GS skis and my old tight pants and go on a ski trip! It might be fun but the pants wouldn’t be very pretty!

  6. Awesome! Gotta respect those that first started crossing those boundary lines. The lines we ski have almost all been skied before on equipment that was substantially more challenging. Also shows that the counter culture of today’s park/pipe graffiti influenced “badness” is just more of the same with a different take on doing things differently. How many of the bad boys today ride a chairlift hanging upside down? O_o Nice.

  7. Wow … good reaction to this one. I’d never heard of Bill Heath until SBR’s comment on the Sweetgrass post from a few days ago. He’d said Heath’s “Sinners” was possibly the best ski flick of all time. I went looking for it with no luck, but found this. Pretty cool.

  8. Harv, Sinners excerpt here:http://www.bhandf.com/bhandf 2008/sinners.swf

    This URL may be sketchy but it is there. There is really a space between “bhandf” and “2008.”

    Found the same but better quality at iTunes:

    And a site in the UK that seems to be selling copies:

    They are on sale! Broke down and ordered one. Cost me about $35 CDN including shipping from the UK.

  9. Oh, man! Nice video… loved the excerpt from Sinners, too. Would love to see the whole thing.

    Skinny skis. That was all there was! IF you had two pairs of skis, they were your regular skis and your rock skis.

  10. Yes, Stringrrl, and those rock skis were simply your old skis that you could not bear to throw out.

    Not only is the ski footage and story line in Sinners creative and original, the soundtrack is fantastic. That film turned me on to two artists I had never heard of before: Lester Quitzau and Josh Ritter. The sequence with LQ’s “Rollin’ and Tumblin” alone is worth the price of admission. Here is an interview with Bill Heath about the film:

    LQ is here:

    If the intro music on his site doesn’t get you moving, you are wayyyy too fast asleep. “So here we are” is the CD we usually put on to start the long drive to Jay Peak. Guaranteed speeding ticket.

    JR here:

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