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ny ski areasIntroducing NY Ski Blog’s New York Ski Area Directory, an all-in-one resource for those who ski in New York State. The directory will feature current trail maps, mountain statistics, and a profile/history of the ski mountains of the entire state.

The idea for the directory was born out of the need to create a larger format to display trail maps, and that will be a primary function of the directory. The NY Ski Area Directory will be added to NYSkiBlog’s top nav bar and found at

We’ve also included basic statistics including base and summit elevations, vertical, ski area acreage, trail mileage and lift capacity for each mountain featured. It’s our goal to customize statistics for each ski area detailing numbers for ski area peaks or pods and other useful information that you can’t get from other directories.

Perhaps the most ambitious part of this project, hasn’t even been started — it is our goal to compile a history of each ski area. Over the next three summers we’ll work our way through all the currently open ski areas producing a basic history for each mountain. After our initial draft is published, we’ll open each profile for comments, in the hope that others can add detail (or make corrections) that will result in a richer profile for each mountain.

The directory will be divided by region including ski areas of the Adirondacks, Catskills, Tug Hill, Central New York, Western New York and Downstate. This initial launch is considered an “alpha” phase and we will continue to refine and fill out data and upgrade images as possible. Beyond that we’d like to include a comparative stats section, nordic ski areas and possibly a section on vintage maps.

For now, comments or additions on area profiles should be sent to [email protected] with the name of the mountain in email title. Input on the directory as a whole can be added as comments below.

8 comments on “The NY Ski Area Directory

  1. Excellent. I just checked out a few trail maps that I otherwise would’ve been too lazy to look up.

  2. How about an address link, so you can quickly see how far a place is from where you live?

  3. Very nice Harvey. I think a locational tool, such as a google map or at least an address would be useful. Where is Maple Ski Ridge? Royal Mtn?

  4. @Manius: Average snowfall is included where we were able to find it. There is conflicting data out there so we’ll use our discretion to choose a final number.

    @Billski and Powderqueen: we worked out a way to add another line to the directory homepage, with address, phone and email addy. Linking the physical address link to google maps is a very cool idea.

    @ScottyJack: Thank you on the logo! We actually had pro help with it.

  5. Great idea and nice job to all responsible. I like the format. The only problem is now I know about more areas that I want to visit. So many mountains so little time/snow!

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