Gore Mountain, NY: Christmas Week 2006

Gore Mountain snowmaking.I skied Gore all week. In the past I haven’t always understood how Gore chooses to allocate snowmaking resources. But I have to say that this past week, Gore went all out. They BLEW on everything that was open every night. They BLEW all day long on the days when it was cold enough. They opened up something new everyday. (Although Hawkeye’s opening was a bit of a frustration.)

On the 28th it went down to 10 degrees at our cabin and the mountain made HUGE progress for the next day. If you got there for first tracks – especially on the 29th – it was excellent. It was cloudy but up top you were actually above the clouds.

Seemed like we got more than the reported 2″ on 12/30. While terrain was limited, what was open was really good. It was great to come up the access road on 12/29 and see the cloud of snowmaking hovering, with the roar of the guns blasting. Maybe my standards have been lowered. But if you could rip off turns tight enough to keep yourself within 10 feet of the edge of the groomers – the whole week was good at Gore — all day long.

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