Friday Fantasy Photo #12

Plattekill Mountain powder.Jamesdeluxe on Plunge • Plattekill, NY • Feb 27, 2010

“The snow was incredibly deep in Delaware County. So deep that with the consistency of the snow, the trees were basically unskiable. Waist deep. We stuck to the sides of the “groomers” weaving in and out of the untracked and the huge soft bumps…”

5 comments on “Friday Fantasy Photo #12

  1. What a wild day it was..I can’t say the skiing was great that day, because it wasn’t. 7ft of cement on 80mm skis is a ton of work. But the experience of being there was priceless..

  2. A waist-deep trench right under the lift: nice! Harv was mentioning how this pic gives the impression that the trails were packed because every chair is filled. Couldn’t be further from the truth — take a look at Plattekill’s trail map and you can see that the Northface chair serves quite a few trails, which really spreads people out.

    As Jason said, not a powder day like the ones we dream about, but one that we won’t forget soon.

  3. Jason’s right. That was pretty tough sledding. I remember skiing after lunch, but being so exhausted, I could barely turn. I was on 78mm skis and totally ready to rent something fat, but alas – no tele gear at Platte. IMO that place has the old-time funk to be a telemecca.

  4. Ah yes, I love looking at photos of the Snowicane of 2010. Thanks for posting. “Tell me about the snow, George….” Apologies to Steinbeck.

  5. Spent the 2/26 at Belleayre Mountain. It was my birthday! The drive in from Woodstock was like a disaster area – trees, limbs & wires down. Found out later they had a state of emergency there. Have to concur with Jason the experience of being there was priceless..

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