Cannon, NH: Man and Mountain

Cannon has a wild feel and it’s a beautiful, inspiring place to ski. The mountain is big, rugged and the Franconia Ridge is a stunning backdrop to everything you ski and do.

The Northeast Ski Bloggers Summit chose New Hampshire as its base of operations for this year’s meeting. Our first day was spent at Cannon; arguably the state’s most challenging lift-served mountain. With the reopening of Mittersill, the mountain has a little bit of everything.

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Jay Peak, VT: 3/2/11

Northeast Ski Blogger Summit Day 1: I’ve been imagining skiing Jay Peak since 1999. I was working late one night in December and started fantasizing.


I googled “best powder in the east” and I found Jay Peak’s website. It sounded perfect to me. Tons of snow and trees.

After a long drive last night, we woke up this morning at 6:30 and it started to snow at 7 am.


The forecast was for 1-2 inches, but I was hoping for some of that legendary Jay magic. When we got to the mountain at 9 am, it was really coming down, and it snowed until 2:30.

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