Gore Mountain, NY: 1/8/10

Today was an “interesting” day. I had some serious equipment setbacks. I’m not going to detail them, because I have a ton to post tonight, and that’s the least interesting or fun part. But suffice it to say, it took a positive attitude to shake it off and have a good time.

BUT, I did have a good day. I know you’re shocked right. Borderline great really. Had a bit of a love/hate thing going on with PineBrook today. But it wasn’t because of the surfaces. The constant drip drip of days of flurries seems to be adding up.

The mountain has made big progress on surfaces. Clearly Hawkeye had been pounded. On a scale of 1-to-10 Hawkeye went from a 2 last Saturday, to a 7 today. Lots of nice manmade in big piles across most of the trail above the ChatieHawk cutover. The headwall still had some tough spots, but it was certainly skiable by an expert. I did ok too.

Pine Brook Glades

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Conversation with Emily and Mike

I had a chance to sit with Emily Stanton and Mike Pratt of Gore Mountain for an hour, on Monday January 4, 2010. We covered a wide range of topics including first tracks, epic dumps, snowmaking, grooming, parking, and the future of Gore.

In the next few days, NYSkiBlog will be publishing a piece that highlights some of that conversation.

We tried to cover the issues I think that matter most to Gore regulars and passholders. Time was limited, so both Emily and Mike agreed to answer a few more follow up questions by email.

If you have a question you’d like me to ask please post a comment on this entry before 5pm, Wednesday January 6. We’ll do our best, but no guarantees all questions will be posed/answered.