Plattekill Work Day 2013

The nights have finally turned cooler, and it’s been hard not to notice leaves piling up by my door each morning. Halloween candy has been on sale at the drug store for weeks, and the farmers market is turning out more apples than there are tourists in NYC.

Plattekill: Glade Potential

There is no fall tradition that brings me more excitement than heading up to Plattekill to manicure the woods in preparation for the upcoming season. Working on a glade is the best way to own your local ski hill if you can’t afford to buy it.

Making the pilgrimage to Plattekill before the snow falls gives you some real skin in the game. It ensures that you’ll deserve a copious overnight snowfall before your day off.

Plattekill Glades

Clinging onto the hillside while clearing brush brings back the muscle memory, or at least an appreciation for how magical it is to be able to control your movements, maybe even gracefully, while flowing downhill through the trees.

This year will mark the third annual NYSkiBlog Plattekill Volunteer Day. If you can identify with any of the above, you should come to Roxbury on Saturday, November 2, at 9am. (Rain date Sunday 11/3).  The more the merrier and having a lot of hands makes a huge difference when clearing tree lines.


As those who have been involved in this project know, these efforts go a long way. Plattekill already gets the snow, but taking care of the woods means getting into the trees that much sooner, and it’s safer for body and skis.

Plattekill Glade Crew
Volunteers should bring:

  • Energy to have a fun time working for the day
  • Good boots for working and hiking
  • Work clothes and gloves that can get dirty
  • Layers and a shell in your backpack in case it’s cool or wet
  • Snacks and water to keep your energy high while working
  • Cutting tools: loppers, bow saw, leatherman or axe

There’s no need for power tools. Plattekill will handle the chainsaws and we’ll work as a team if there’s anything big to move.


Plattekill will also be providing a lift ticket valid and lunch for any attendees that put in the full day.

Otherwise, the volunteer days are just like the skiing at Platty. So much fun people don’t know what they’re missing until they go. Please post in the comments below if you have questions or stoke to add and make sure to send your friends this link!

10 comments on “Plattekill Work Day 2013

  1. in terms of the TIME of the workday people can start to gather any time between 8-9am and they will run the lift for a while starting at 9. come on out, its a fun time and if you ski trees, it benefits you directly.

  2. Thanks, for the quick reply. Keep me in mind in the future and say hello to Laszlo for me.
    P au l
    PS Pray for Sn*w!


    please know:
    The mountain cannot provide any tools. You can operate your own saws and chain saws as long as you have safety gear such as hard hat, glasses and chaps and leather boots, steel toe preferred as required.

    It would be super if a few people comfortable with their use could bring a chain saw.


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