Summer Crosstraining: NYC Kayak Edition

Last summer, a group of individuals teamed up with the Sebago Canoe Club from Harriman State Park to bring recreational paddling to my neck of the woods. As long as you consider New York City “the woods,” and recreational paddling to be any human-powered activity on a body of water or superfund site, you’re set.


I was suspicious but intrigued enough to attended several benefit events on the lot and watched as shipping containers were filled with shiny fiberglass boats, outdoor showers were installed, and the best composting toilet south of the ADK suddenly appeared.

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St. Regis Canoe Area Pond Hopping

Recently Bill and I did some exploring in the St. Regis Canoe Area. Our loop started and ended at Upper St. Regis Lake.


It’s a nice enough spot, dotted with expensive camps with motor boats. My wife and I have paddled it before. She enjoys looking at the different camps and boat houses on the islands, but that wasn’t the experience Bill and I were after.

Fortunately, it is a short trip from the put-in to the first easy carry over to Bog Pond. I was happy to leave the lake behind. Bog Pond is in a pleasant setting. It’s very small and surrounded by a lot of colorful vegetation.

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