Spring 2016 Work Weekend

Every spring when the season is over, I head to the cabin to turn off the heat, stack the wood for next winter and get the trails in shape for summer. I’m productive enough, but really it’s just another reason to return to my favorite place in the world.


Traditionally the spring work weekend was in early May, before the black flies had their game on. But over the last ten years the bugs are emerging earlier and we’ve moved spring weekend into April. Even this year it hardly feels like the ski season is over.

I arrived Friday afternoon and took a quick walk of the yellow trail. It was dry and I was surprised to find little deadfall; small consolation for the thinnest winter in memory.

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Early Late Season at Killington

When I got the email Friday night that Saturday’s little league games were cancelled due to weather, I knew what to do. I loaded up the truck and headed to Vermont for one more last day of skiing.


Barring another schedule clearing miracle this was likely the end of my ski season. So at 9:30 on Friday night I set out for The Beast of the East.

Saturday was also the day of the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge. It says something about the year we’re having that the event wasn’t held on Outer Limits, for possibly the first time in history. Bear Mountain is closed for the season and the event was being held at Killington Base Lodge.

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Killington’s Closing Day 2014

I have an ace-in-the-hole near the end of my ski season. In May, it seems I can come up with business to do in Vermont, and because Killington is once again, the Beast, I can pick up another ski day.


This past weekend Killington’s Superstar was the cherry on top of a full sundae of fun that included: driving in the pouring rain, raking out the erosion in our driveway, cutting a new ski trail, putting finishing touches on a website, and talking SEO at MRG.

Entering Vermont is different. On the surface, northern New York and Vermont have a lot in common, but if you spend time in either one, you know the feel is very different in each. I love both.

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