Jonas: Know When To Hold Em

I was in denial last week. As always I followed the weather closely and I knew the storm was coming. But as late as Wednesday I was holding out hope that storm would track west and deliver the goods to the mountains. Heaven knows we need it.


But as the week wore on, the forecast pushed the storm track even farther south and east, and by Friday even the Catskills were getting skunked.

Still, foolishly I clung to my plan: I’d stay home Saturday, weather the storm and if the power stayed on, I get up even earlier than usual, shovel out, and daytrip Plattekill.

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The Garden State: Wild Roses

Over the past few days, my favorite wildflower, the Wild Rose (aka the Multiflora Rose) has exploded across the New Jersey landscape.

Wild-Roses in NJ
Wild Roses

With their trademark five white petals, Wild Roses are virtually everywhere: in the middle of forests, along the sides of highways and roads, next to ponds and streams. Even if you have a blindfold on, they’re tough to miss.

They have, IMHO, the most intoxicating, beguiling, and alluring aroma ever — like that of a hybrid rose, but sweeter and much much stronger. If it were a food, I would eat it. If it were a woman, I would marry it.

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