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Tuxedo Ridge: The Ultimate Playdate

Ever since I first met my buddy “X” at Gore in 2010, we’ve been plotting to get our daughters together on the slopes. Two girls the same age, whose fathers love to ski: what more do you need?


It turned out to be much easier said than done.  Getting the stars to align took almost four years. Sunday was a perfect day for it downstate, if you look past the recent nuclear meltdown of the snowpack by rainstorm.

We woke just before dawn to gear up, eat breakfast and drive up to Tuxedo Ridge Ski Center.

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Lessons from Mount Peter

Stuffed with winter cheer, holiday spirit and Chinese food ours was a multi-faceted ski mission, for a good cause. Earlier in the month I saw ISKINY’s learn-to-ski deal offering $35 packages at a number of New York resorts, including the nearby (to me) Mount Peter.


I was inspired. My holiday schedule was packed with weddings and family and errands, but I really wanted to get on the slopes.  Mount Peter gave me a great price to get two excited never-evers on the slopes. Off we went.

It’s hard not to make this sound like a gift to myself, but I really wanted to share the gift of skiing with a classmate and her boyfriend. Skiing is easily my most favorite winter activity, but I find it hard to explain why newbies should try it.

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Polar Peak Ski Bowl, NY

Over the summer, we encountered a character on Facebook named Snowmaker Seven. He was an outspoken snowrider from New York who — we assumed — worked at Catamount or in the Catskills.


Earlier this month, he declared online: “Summers been fun but it’s time to test the snowmaking system! Bring on winter 2013-2014!” Curious, we pushed for information on his home hill. His response: “I work at Polar Peak in Columbia County!”

This got our curiosity up. Way up. Students of the map of New York and yet we barely knew of Columbia County, much less Taghkanic, NY. We found the location with the help of Google maps and tracked down Polar Peak’s website. A fascinating story emerged.

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