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Gore Opens Lies, MLK 2016

There was some good skiing this week in the Southern Adirondacks. Snow is still thin in the woods, but resistant and reasonably soft. Both natural and manmade snow quality was pretty good.

Lies opens

Friday night we came in and got settled. I headed out to night ski the flatter, lower section of the Yellow Trail. The forecast for the next day was mixed, and I wanted to feel the natural snow under my skis, before it was altered by any funky weather.

The snow was good, six or seven inches of fully formed, natural snow sat on top of a six or eight inch durable icy base. You could definitely turn.

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Christmas Week in Johnsburg NY

Spending Christmas Week in Johnsburg NY is a family tradition. It’s a logical time to take time off, and rack up some ski days. Holidays in the mountains are always good.


View from Garnet Hill

Good skiing at this time of year is somewhat reliable. As much as we know that, we also know that one or two times in ten, we’ll get skunked. We dream of natural snow, but as East coast skiers, we’re always ready for the possibility that conditions will be marginal.

Regardless, we come and ski what we can. This season, after record warmth in November and December, we had a lot more fun than we expected. I’d actually call it a great time.

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Up, Up and Away: Whiteface

Last Friday, after a hard week at work, I walked home, with no plans to ski. None. Saturday morning I made coffee and raked the leaves, which were finally all on the ground. Then I took a walk.


Santa at Whiteface

On my walk I started to consider the possibilities. If I could get to the cabin at a “reasonable” hour that night, I could ski Whiteface on Sunday. The forecast wasn’t sunny, but I was optimistic that surfaces would warm up enough to soften.

I arrived at the cabin with a sandwich in hand at 7:30 pm. I ate it, drank some water, checked the forums, took some photos and crashed. I set two alarms: our normal Adk 6am alarm, plus a supplemental alarm 15 minutes earlier at 5:45. Just in case.

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