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Magic Mountain Man: Matt Cote

Magic LogoMagic Mountain seems like our kind of place: an underdog known for its tree skiing that is getting by on natural snow, great terrain, and the dedication of an extremely loyal following.

We caught up with the man who could be its most dedicated fan to find out what makes Magic special.  What follows is our interview with Matt Cote, Magic’s man of steel.

When did you start skiing?

I grew up just outside Springfield, MA. On a trip to Berkshire East, my guide put me on rental snowlerbladez (I think in hindsight they wanted me dead). It was icy, really icy. I didn’t give it another shot until I was 22. but I saw the potential for real fun while night skiing with friends at Bousquet and other Berkshire bumps after work. Within a year or two it was a full on skiing obsession. I was hooked and it took over my life.

When did you first ski Magic? What drew you there?

The first time I skied Magic I wasn’t impressed with the conditions but the mountain definitely made an impression. This was back when the grooming was super spotty and the lift stopped every few minutes. The policy seemed to be “who gives a shit, the lift is running and the lights are on just go, man.” But the things I saw… I knew the place had a ton of potential.  I was way over my head on the terrain and there was nobody there. Ever. It was like having a private mountain and I loved it.

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Gore Mountain Improvements: Summer 2014

Recently we had the chance to see the progress that’s been made on Gore’s big summer project: the replacement of the Adirondack Express.  What impressed us was the amount of work that’s required to complete a job of this size.

Gore Mountain improvements: new lift installation

The original lift required twenty-eight towers to cover the 7000 foot expanse from Gore’s base to the saddle on Bear Mountain. The new express will require twenty free-standing lift towers to do the same.

Each one of those twenty towers will sit on a deep footing that will rest below grade on a surface that was blasted out of bedrock. Within each of these craters a form is being built that will contain the rebar, concrete and bolt configuration needed to hold up the massive towers.

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Greek Peak Improvements: Summer 2014

Greek-Peak-LogoIt’s been a busy offseason at Greek Peak and the resort is moving forward upgrading facilities and making improvements.

NYSkiBlog got an update on these plans from one of the resorts new owners —Marc Stemerman. The list of projects is large and wide-ranging. What follows is a selection of highlights from the agenda.


The big story for skiers and riders is more snowmaking. Ratnik engineering has been employed to help develop a long-term snowmaking plan. 2000 feet of ductile steel pipe has been ordered to improve capacity from the base to the pumping station at #4.

A new variable speed pump, air lines and another booster pump for East Mountain will improve Greek Peak’s capacity to open early and to resurface when weather dictates.

In addition, four-year equipment leases have been signed with MND Areco and SMI. An Areco fan gun tower will be placed at the Greek Peak base to serve Alpha, and an SMI Super Pole Cat tower with an optional 3-wheeled carriage will also be positioned in the base area. A significant cost offset for this equipment has come from an energy efficiency grant from National Grid.

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