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I Love My Little Sister

I want to apologize upfront for posting this piece on the front page of NYSkiBlog. I certainly doesn’t “fit” here, as we have consciously decided to focus our homepage on eastern mountain sports.


But I just can’t find a way to process this without writing about it. Early Sunday morning, my little sister Marybeth, or MB as we knew her, passed away after a long, valiant battle with cancer. She was 53 and asked for no memorial until next spring, when a small garden will be dedicated in her honor, in Jersey City, NJ.

Nearly three years ago MB was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called GIST Wild Type. Unlike most cancers, this strain develops in between organs in your abdomen. When it was discovered there was some hope, but it quickly faded, as experimental treatments yielded no positive results.

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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Everything changes and from what I can see summer vacation is no different. In the old days, we’d use our time off to explore the Siamese Ponds Wilderness and the south central Adirondacks.


We’d push our week or ten days of time off as late in the season as possible. That time right after Labor Day is possibly the best time of the year in the mountains, outside of ski season.

Now we take it when we can get it. When our daughter entered kindergarten, like many families, we moved our vacation into late August, after camp and before school. Sometimes, our schedule of activities shortens that long week in the mountains into a long weekend.

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Preservation and Prosperity, Please.

It’s no secret that goals of protecting large amounts of land and creating a vibrant economy can be at odds with each other.  Man has always used the land and natural resources to drive commerce. Unfortunately balancing environmental protection and economics is often easier said than done.


Over the last few years, I’ve been working with a few of my favorite mountain businesses on search marketing and web development. My most recent project is helping Garnet Hill Lodge with a new responsive website design.

Last weekend, in addition to getting some of our projects done at the cabin, I visited the Lodge to connect with owners Don and Mindy to review our progress.

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