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Kettle Mountain, NY

I first heard of Kettle Mountain years ago when it was the only legal way for the public to see OK Slip Falls. Views of the falls from Kettle are distant, but still very good.


At that time it wasn’t exactly a no-brainer to hike it. Access required a long bushwack through swampland to the south of the Northwoods Club road.

If you wanted to access the peak by rafting, you’d have to plan an overnight or a very aggressive day trip itinerary, minding river levels as determined by the Lake Abanakee dam release.

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Ski Season Calendar

The summer solstice — the longest day of year — is to us at NY Ski Blog, the farthest point from the season in our hemisphere. From this day forward we move closer to winter. This summer has been pleasant and we can smile just a little bit wider as the days begin to shorten.

Varies Off Season Begins
Varies First Pass Deadlines
June 21 Summer Solstice
July 21 Northern Hemisphere Begins Cooling
Aug 10 First Issue Powder Mag
Labor Day Unofficial End of Summer
Sep 21 Fall Begins
October Killington vs Sunday River
Thanksgiving Start of Ski Season for the Rest
Dec 21 Start of Calendar Winter
Jan 1 Mid-winter Begins
Presidents Week Optimist’s Halftime
March 15 ~ Start of Spring Skiing (NY)
March 21 Start of Calendar Spring
Varies Last Day of Lift Service in NY
End of April Gettin’ in the Wood
May Beast Season
Varies Last Day of Skiing

Five years ago, for the first time, we published a list of milestones on the longest day of the year, and it’s become a tradition.  Here is this year’s summer solstice ski season calendar update. Some of these milestones are ours and some have been contributed in comments.

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Killington’s Closing Day 2014

I have an ace-in-the-hole near the end of my ski season. In May, it seems I can come up with business to do in Vermont, and because Killington is once again, the Beast, I can pick up another ski day.


This past weekend Killington’s Superstar was the cherry on top of a full sundae of fun that included: driving in the pouring rain, raking out the erosion in our driveway, cutting a new ski trail, putting finishing touches on a website, and talking SEO at MRG.

Entering Vermont is different. On the surface, northern New York and Vermont have a lot in common, but if you spend time in either one, you know the feel is very different in each. I love both.

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