Mount Snow: November Send It

As I loaded my skis onto the roof rack, a neighbor on his way to work stopped and looked at me, clearly perplexed. “Where are you going with those? There’s no snow!” I hear this line every November when there are still leaves on the trees. Like the ringing of the bell to open the stock exchange, it marks the beginning of my ski season.

mount snow november morning
photo courtesy Mount Snow

I’m a big fan of early-season skiing. Sure the conditions are variable and often mediocre, the days are short, trail counts are limited and the dreaded “r-word” is often in the forecast. But the long, warm months of summer and fall are behind us and I can relish six months of skiing in my immediate future.

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Killington: It’s Time to Go Skiing

I’m a firm believer in the “backyard effect” — the idea that people are more likely to go skiing if they see snow their yard. The reverse also holds, if they don’t see snow, it’s harder to motivate them to go to the mountain. I feel that way for sure.

killington early season

November can be gray and dreary. Driving past empty fields and dead-looking, leafless trees on an overcast day, it’s hard to imagine that there’s a completely different season off to the east. They’re running a ski race at Killington in less than two weeks, so I figured it would be a good place get some motivation.

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Warren Miller’s Line of Descent

If you’re reading this you probably know the story: Warren and his guys started the tradition of making ski movies and touring the country to show their work in local —sometimes improvised— theaters, providing live narration and commentary. It grew into a traveling celebration of skiing and mountain culture.

warren miller line of descent
Line of Descent is Warren Miller Entertainment’s 68th annual feature film

As ski mountains and gear manufacturers noticed the impact that ski films had on their customers, they started offering free lift tickets and other goodies for Warren to give away at these events. Attending a Warren Miller movie today can easily end up being a net-positive financial transaction if you take advantage of everything in the Schwag Bag.

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