Another Hickory Believer

The sticker is modeled after one of the most iconic images in skiing: a rectangle with two lines of elegant, efficient text offset by white and red: “Mad River Glen: Ski It If You Can’t Ski Hickory.”


When I first saw one, I chuckled at the different possible meanings presented by both the original and the parody. Like too many New York State skiers, though, I continued driving right past Hickory Ski Center on my way to Gore for years without much consideration for the mysterious mountain in Warrensburg.

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Greek Peak Resort Odyssey

Skiing out west is awesome. Open glades, local wine, hot springs, no lines. Really good snow. It’s tough not to brag to your friends when you have a day like that, racking up vertical all day and night. And I didn’t even have to fly there.


With the buzz building since last summer about the progress at Greek Peak, I knew that this was the season I was finally going to check out the Central New York icon.

Greek Peak has always had a mythic status when it came to ski racing, playing host to Cornell and many other New York university ski teams, but I didn’t know too much about the rest of the scene before I began to research the area.

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Snow Ridge Ski Area, Turin NY

I love the cool smaller ski areas of New York and I want to ski them all. This weekend I got my first day at Snow Ridge Ski Area in Turin; a small mountain gem that skis bigger than expected.

Snow Ridge Ski Resort view from The Lodge

My first trip to Tug Hill began at 5:45 am in North River.  At first glance, Turin NY didn’t seem that far, but with the frost heaves running rampant this year, the drive took every bit of Google Maps predicted two hours and 15 minutes.

As you come through Turin, you can see the wide east-facing trails, North and South Slope, from a distance. They rise above the surrounding terrain and dominate the view from the lodge. But its what you can’t see that makes the Ridge so much fun.

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