The Ski Season in Photos #13

The season was supposed to end, save Tuckerman Ravine, at the end of May, when Killington finally cashed in the chips. But, as she often does, mother nature had something else in mind.

Toll Road photo courtesy Whiteface

In between commercial breaks, Lionel Hutz was tweeting about big Memorial Day snow in northern Vermont as early as May 22 and posted an animated GFS forecast map of the storm on May 23.

On Saturday May 25, at lower elevations in the Adirondacks, it snowed on and off for most of the day. Rafting guides, and other hardcore skiers who hold down off season jobs, navigated through the channels of life, while dreams of skiing danced on their heads.

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Balm of Gilead Mountain Cliffs, NY

I’ve wanted to post about the cliffs on Balm of Gilead Mountain for quite a while now. I go up there regularly, but never seem to get pictures that do the view justice.


My last walk was no different, except this time I’m posting.

For me the hike starts from the Garnet Hill Lodge Ski Center in North River, NY. It’s not an official trailhead, but it’s probably ok to park here in the summer when lodge demand for parking is lower than it is in winter.  If you’d like to use this access point, I’d recommend asking for permission in the ski shop or in the lodge.

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NY Ski Magazine: The Kitzbühel Alps

Over the past few years, we’ve talked on and off about expanding NY Ski Magazine’s coverage beyond North America and after much foot-dragging (most of it mine), we’re finally making it happen.

Mittersill in the Kitbuhel Alps

To inaugurate the new “Europe” section of the Magazine, I thought that it would be fun to go back to my first winter trip across the pond: a March 2003 visit to Kitzbühel, Austria.

While the Kitzbühel Alps aren’t considered the top tier of the country’s ski regions — the Arlberg and Ischgl, to be covered in upcoming articles, are — it was a great introduction to the differences between skiing in North America and Europe. Due to insufficient disposable income, a brutal exchange rate, and job/family obligations, I’ve only made it back to Austria a few times since then, but until I find somewhere that enthralls me more, it’ll remain my favorite ski destination.

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