North Country Hardship Fund and Wayne Stock VI

Once again the North Country Hardship Fund presents Wayne Stock at the Ski Bowl in North Creek. The annual, BYO, rain or shine, blockbuster fundraising event with free entry, auctions, raffles, food and non-stop music is on August 3 from 12 noon to 11pm.

NCHF Wayne Stock Grand Prize Harley
The Grand Prize: New 2012 Harley Sportster 72

The North Country Hardship Fund is a not-for-profit organization that started with a benefit in 2008 called Wayne Stock. The original event was designed to raise funds for Wayne Bukovinsky who needed help after a serious accident.

Before that time Wayne was living the life, part of a great community, surrounded by friends and family. He found the love of his life in high school. He joined the Navy, traveled abroad and raised two children. After leaving the military, he pursued the career of his dreams — a “Road Dawg” — traveling with major title bands listening to the music that came to define him.

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The Ski Season in Photos #9

After NEMO, a nice series of small snowfalls accumulated and the skiing was really looking good in New York.  At the end of the month another moisture-laden storm tracked too far west to be ideal.

Feb 26 2013 Storm

The net-net was a few inches of snow in the Catskills followed by significant rainfall. In the Adirondacks, most of what fell was frozen if not exactly blower, and the trees were still in play.

While Vermont got much the same as the Adirondacks out of the storm itself, as is often the case, there was some nice upslope on the backside. Over the next few days following the storm, instability in the upper reaches of he atmosphere continued to drop snow along the Green Mountain spine.

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Summer Crosstraining: NYC Kayak Edition

Last summer, a group of individuals teamed up with the Sebago Canoe Club from Harriman State Park to bring recreational paddling to my neck of the woods. As long as you consider New York City “the woods,” and recreational paddling to be any human-powered activity on a body of water or superfund site, you’re set.


I was suspicious but intrigued enough to attended several benefit events on the lot and watched as shipping containers were filled with shiny fiberglass boats, outdoor showers were installed, and the best composting toilet south of the ADK suddenly appeared.

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