The Joy of Skiing Families

One of the things I love about skiing is that generations can ski together. Grandparents can ski with their grandchildren. At least that’s how it worked in our family. This season I spent a weekend at Stratton skiing with 14 family members from three generations. It’s something I won’t forget.

Skiing Family

We’re a skiing family because of my Dad. He was a great athlete who grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts.

He started skiing in his late teens influenced by new rabbi at his temple. Rabbi Alexander Schindler learned to ski as a highly decorated member of the famous 10th Mountain Division that fought in Italy during the second world war.

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Killington is Awesome

I hadn’t been to Killington in a decade and some things hadn’t changed. Yea the access road was deserted and there was only one lift running, but the mountain still somehow seemed huge to me.

Killington the Beast

Some things had changed. I’ve done some skiing in the last ten years and I was ready to take on Killington’s expert terrain. Superstar, the storied trail was looking good from a distance and even better up close.

I met Riverc0il at the base of the quad at 9:30. Superstar’s bumps were a bit of a gut check for me, skiing after a six-week layoff.

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Closing Day at Sugarbush, VT

In one of the more amazing closing days I can remember, Sugarbush decided to reopen for free skiing on May fourth. Skiing in May is an adventure no matter where you might be, on a glacier, a volcano, or a strip of man-made snow in Vermont.


We’ve all heard the rumors that resorts don’t like to stay open late into the spring, because people move on to other activities.

Today, the crowd wasn’t buying it, and neither was the resort. There was a parade of spring revelers, removing clothes or donning costumes to shred the one remaining slope.

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