Family Fun at Shawnee Mtn, PA

Since my son started skiing, we’ve made a point of visiting at least one new hill together each season. Two years ago, we skied at the Poconos’ Alpine Mountain. Last season, he got his first taste of fresh powder at Mount Peter in southern New York.

Bridge over the pond at Shawnee Mtn PA.

This year, we checked out Shawnee, another ski area that allows families in the New York City/New Jersey region to maximize slope time while minimizing drive time.

Only a few miles from the Delaware Water Gap and a convenient one-hour drive from my house, it’s easy to see why Shawnee had already gotten our business. For starters, it’s a far less busy place on weekends than nearby Camelback and has a friendly local-hill feel about it.

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Return to the SLU Snow Bowl

Just south of South Colton, New York, where Route 56 weaves through a little ravine, there was a one-way bridge with a stop light. As a student at St. Lawrence University, I’ve probably spent a full hour of my life waiting at that light on trips to Big Tupper or Gore or home to Saratoga Springs.

SLU Snow Bowl
Photo courtesy of Terkoskier at Blood, Sweat and Skiers

I first noticed the Snow Bowl during my Freshman year. Behind the brook on the west side of the road, I noted potential. There are a few clearings down the fall line of a fairly steep, small mountain.

By the end of that year, I had heard all the stories. That was the SLU Snow Bowl, only closed and sold to the state in the last ten years. It had been home to a couple of rope tows, a snack bar, and some of the most raging college parties in history.

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New York Powder Weekend

The weekend started with lot of promise and some pre-game hype. A clipper that was going to transfer energy to the coast formed a little late to REALLY dump on New York. But the original low hung on longer than expected and both Cats and Daks did score some of the coastal love.

NY Storm

It started snowing early Friday morning and at Gore, the opening bell cord was covered in 1-to-2 inches of new snow. It’s my tradition to hit Sunway first, to harvest the cord, while making big sweeping turns. It was beautiful and quiet and snowy.

I took that first lap of the Gondola solo and on my second run I connected EDeO, Chuck, Bobbie and Dean. We headed off to the summit. We skied everything. The trails were incredible and the woods were thin. We skied all open aspects except Topridge.

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