Preseason Ski Workout

When I was younger I used to believe that the only workout for skiing was skiing. But as I got older I found that I had more back issues early so I started doing a simple preseason ski workout to strengthen my core. Now I feel so much better and stronger in the early season. Core strength is crucial for skiing, particularly in the bumps and in difficult conditions.

Preseason Ski Workout.
Front and Side Planks

This basic workout is not “hard core” and will work for average skiers with average fitness levels. It can be done in 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times per week. I try to do it every other day in the preseason and keep it up in the winter on days I don’t ski. The only equipment you need is a core or abs ball, some 10 lb dumb bells, and a resistance band kit. You can buy all it for about $60. You can do most of the workout while watching TV.

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High Life on the Long Trail

“There’s gold in those hills!” As I pulled into the parking lot for Camel’s Hump state park, it was evident that fall was upon us. Autumn is a magic time of year in the Northeast. The days get shorter quickly, so it’s important to squeeze every drop of life and light from the sun.

Camels Hump via Long Trail

We knew in advance that there are two trails on the West side of Camel’s Hump to attain the Long Trail, the Forest City and the Burroughs. We saw no one parked at the lower elevation Forest City parking lot, but we did notice a few cars coming down from the Burroughs lot.

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