Ski Vacations with Kids

The holidays are upon us and for many parents that means an extended ski trip with the kids. After years of teaching and skiing with kids, I’ve learned some things about how to make the most of your child’s lessons and your family vacation.

Ski vacations with kids.

Take it easy that first day. I often see families who arrived late the previous night show up at the mountain the next day stressed or tired. Instead of trying to jam too much into that first day, you should relax and have fun. If your kids already ski and this is your first time out for the season, consider spending time with them on easy slopes and playing on the snow in the beautiful outdoors. Don’t overdo it your first day or you may be too sore to enjoy the rest of the week.

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Avant Forges Adirondack Ski Dealer Network

Avant Skis.When we spoke to Ben Callahan and Joel Nashett a year ago, Avant Skis was a small company with big ideas and a line of handmade skis.

Recently, we caught up with Avant’s founders about the young company’s progress and challenges.

NYSkiBlog: When we spoke a year ago, Avant was making plans to develop a dealer network of both online sellers and local ski shops. How’s it coming?

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Gore Mountain, NY: 12/18/11

After our Thanksgiving ski weekend, Zelda gave me some sobering news — our odds for returning to Adirondacks before Christmas were slim. Indeed, our December weekends were packed with events, but closer scrutiny on my part led to the discovery that it was really only Saturdays that were jammed up. So I pledged to be the man on each Saturday this month in exchange for the freedom to disappear before dawn on Sundays to daytrip the Catskills.

As I watched another ugly midweek weather event sweep across the northeast last week, I noted that the coldest air of the season was to be ushered in behind the front. Temps were forecast to be near zero in the Adirondacks, so I considered a novel idea: daytripping Gore.

It wasn’t really a day trip. After cheering for an inspiring performance of The Nutcracker, and then celebrating a Taekwondo birthday, I bid goodbye to my girls and drove to the mountains Saturday night. As predicted, a clear night delivered overnight temps close to zero.

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