New York’s First Ski Patrol

NY Ski PatrolEarly in 1934 the Mt Mansfield Ski Club formed a safety committee to act as hosts and guides on the mountain. They informed skiers about trail conditions and waxing techniques. Members wore a triangular yellow shoulder patch that became a badge of distinction, and many volunteered to wear the emblem. By spring, the club learned that an educated squad with first aid training was essential requirements for an effective patrol.

That season, skiable snow was in short supply in the southern Adirondacks. Finally in late winter significant snow fell, and on March 4, 1934 the first ski train headed to North Creek from Schenectady carrying members of the Schenectady Wintersports Club.

Two months after the formation of the Mansfield’s safety committee, New York’s first ski patrol was born at Gore Mountain. Lois Perret, a registered nurse, arranged to have ten strong skiers carry first aid kits in their knapsacks. A first aid station was set up in one of the cars of the ski train in North Creek. Toboggans for transportation of injured skiers were located in strategic places on North Creek’s ski trails. Eventually, members of the SWC’s patrol joined the National Ski Patrol and procedures developed by the club’s patrol were incorporated into the NPS System.

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Whiteface Summer Update (2011)

NYSkiBlog spoke with Whiteface General Manager Bruce McCulley, on the status of maintenance and improvements taking place on the mountain this summer.

Whiteface Mountain Gondola

NYSkiBlog: Bruce thanks for your time. What’s going at Whiteface this summer?

Bruce McCulley: As usual, we’re very busy this summer with annual maintenance — lifts, snowmaking, trails, plus our vehicles, electrical, and buildings. We’ll inspect every inch of our snowmaking pipe, replace any cracked air/water hydrants. We’ll pull pumps, rebuild packings, repair any leaking valves, brush out our lines and refurbish snow guns as necessary. We’ll do compressor maintenance, and clean silt from our intakes.

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Friday Fantasy Photo #26

Bobbie rips Lies • Gore Mountain, NY • January 9, 2011

“On the gondola ride up, we discussed strategy. I was skeptical about conditions at the top, based on yesterday’s ski. EDeO said “today is not yesterday” and he pushed us to hit Lies right away. When we saw the corduroy above the headwall, we hit it full speed. The entire length of Lies was in incredible shape. Carvable to a full ski width…”