Gore Mountain Lodge Improvements

Last year, the board of directors for ORDA, New York’s Olympic Regional Development Authority, authorized Ted Blazer to negotiate a new contract with Centerplate, the concessionaire for the authority.

Gore Mountain Lodge and Tannery Pub

Part of the deal requires Centerplate to invest in the ORDA venues. Gore Mountain is targeting the public lodges for this capital improvement.

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Beloved Belleayre Lift Attendant Passes Away

These days, it’s pretty rare to find a person who, through sheer force of personality, becomes the unofficial face of a business by embodying certain key attributes.

Belleayre's Jerry Siegel at the Tomahawk Midstation
Belleayre’s Jerry Siegel

For years, Belleayre Mountain in the Catskills had one of these unique people — someone who radiated the ski area’s atmosphere of friendliness, fun, and lack of pretention. Here’s what I wrote about him in a 2008 article:

Despite Belleayre not having the biggest, deepest, steepest, longest, or most expensive anything, there are a handful of reasons why so many New Yorkers are passionate about this mountain. One of them is the lift attendant at the Tomahawk Lift mid-station. Instead of a bored post-teen with tattoos, lip piercings, and bad skin, you’ll find a cheerful older gent who clearly seems to enjoy his job.

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