Columbia Omni-Heat Field Test

Columbia Omni-Heat jacket.We received an email from Columbia asking if we’d test a parka with their new Omni-Heat insulating technology. The rep was very forthright: “All we ask is that you fill out a questionnaire on the product, and do a blog entry about the performance of the coat. We do not expect you to pull any punches.” With the Gore-tex coating on my North Face shell gone, I figured I had little to lose.

We wondered: Does Columbia Omni-Heat really work? My perception of Columbia was that they make nice gear, but I have never considered it to be expedition grade. While I’m not even sure what that means, if you’d asked me a few months ago which coat I’d rather be in on a planned or unplanned night in the woods, I’d have chosen my North Face.

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Whiteface, NY: 12/18/10

I met Danzilla at his place in North Creek at 6:15. We got to Wilmington at 7:30 and booted up. It didn’t snow much on the drive up, but it was snowing lightly at the base when we arrived.

whiteface mountain in wilmington ny

There wasn’t a ton of snow at Whiteface, but today, there was soft, natural snow stashed in the corners, it snowed most of the day, and the mountain just felt snowy.

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