Le Massif de Charlevoix, QC: 3/26/10

La Bordage

After apres-ski beers in the sun at the bottom of Mont Edouard yesterday, a cold front moved in and the bottom promptly dropped out. When I got up this morning, it was a brisk -15F.

On our way back to the Quebec City airport, we pulled into Le Massif for some photo ops, and weren’t disappointed. The high temp was only 3F, so a few trails were bullet-proof, but many were top-to-bottom (2,400 verts) soft as could be.

Another cool thing about Le Massif is the trail-name theme — most are old French sea-faring terms.

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Proposed ORDA Budget Cuts

Latest from NCPR may be good news for Gore and Whiteface:

ORDA Cuts Appear Less Likely

Article from the Adirondack Daily Enterprise:

“ORDA planning for $1M less than it expected”

LAKE PLACID – The Olympic Regional Development Authority anticipates receiving $1 million less than expected in the 2010-11 fiscal year. According to ORDA spokesman Jon Lundin, ORDA’s Board of Directors learned of the proposed budget cuts after Gov. David Paterson announced his Executive Budget in February. ORDA may receive $5.7 million instead of an expected $6.7 million from the state. ORDA’s board members had a budget set in December that included the anticipated $6.7 million but have since considered a new budget.

Full Article from Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Editor’s Note: I asked Mike Pratt for his take on the budget news. His response:

“The Senate budget proposal did have 0 dollars for ORDA. I’m sure we will see other proposals. It is very early in the process. For now, we’ll stay focused on the next 3 weekends.”