MRG’s Josh Fox Winter Forecast

Mad River Glen’s Single Chair Weather Blog has published Josh Fox’s Winter Forecast.  Check it out.

A Choice Excerpt…

“Temperatures will thus fall in the normal to perhaps slightly above normal range. Snowfall on the other hand will be outstanding and I am going to predict the snowiest winter since the blog began and will include one lone epic period similar to what happened in February of 2007 and Christmas/New Years 2002-2003. Snowfall in the end will exceed 300 inches. “

The Meek Shall Inherit the Cold

Predicted cold November 2008.

The map above is from the NWS 6-10 day temp probability forecast. Things are looking up for the east. While the timing feels two weeks late, at the end of the season, early frustration will be a distant memory.

Stay updated on medium range temp forecasts with the 10 day and 14 day temp forecast maps on the NYSkiBlog Weather Page.