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Great TRs from Famous Internet Skiers

Famous Internet Skiers have really done their share providing early season skiporn to all of us regular guys who have jobs. We’ve been linking to some of their stuff because let’s face it – it’s awesome. Here’s the latest TR and it’s fantastic.

famous internet skiers

(TEO on Goat by gpetrics)

Mysterious New Weather Blog

A weather blog appeared in November seemingly out of nowhere. It’s called Convective Solutions. It’s odd for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on.  When you Google it you get results for “Convective Solutions LLC.” I think an LLC is a type of corporation, but I can’t really see any reason why a business would be blogging about the weather.

In any case, I’ve been following it and a few weeks ago I installed a feed from Convective Solutions to Harvey Road, in the “Eastern Ski Blog” Section.  Whoever is the mysterious meteorologist is…I like the work being done.

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Herb Stevens Forecast for December 2009

Excerpts from Herb’s SnoCountry Forecast:


The storm that is departing today has deposited some valuable backlash snow from the Adirondacks eastward to the mountains of Maine. For the first time this season, it looks as though the snow will be able to hang in there through a brief warmup that will precede next week’s storm. That storm will produce some rain on the front end all the way up into Quebec, but there will be another substantial backlash swath of snow, which will reach more resorts than this weekend’s version.

Longer term, the prospects are excellent, both in terms of snowmaking temps, lake effect snow, and the threat of coastal storms that could boost early season base depths in a big way.