Ski Gear Lust: Winter 09-10

Technica Dragon 100Thus it begins again. A very wise man once said that the best money you’ll ever spend on new gear, will be for your girl. This is going to be girl gear year.

On the recommendation of one knowledgeable HighPeaksDrifter we visited Steiner’s Sports in Glenmont NY. These guys are known for their boot fitting, and in my mind that’s where it all starts when it comes to ski gear.

Boots above are Technica Dragon 100 UFs. Ski’s below are K2 True Luvs. I haven’t a clue about alpine gear, and would love to hear opinions…is this the gear that will get my girl from brave, motivated beginner to intermediate?

Gore’s Cirque Glades: Longest in the East?

We’re wondering about this claim. The Burnt Ridge Quad’s vertical is listed as 1432 feet and Cirque covers most of that vertical. Sources list the vertical at 1362, so it’s a long run.


But is the Cirque Glades the longest tree run in the East? There is nothing longer at Mad River? Jay Peak? Cannon? Post what you know below.

Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake

I’ve been threatening to return to the Adirondack Museum for years. I haven’t been there since I did a cycling tour of the Adirondacks after graduation in 1981.

View from the Adirondack Museum

It’s a great rainy day activity and I was pleasantly surprised that our 3 year old had a great time. It doesn’t hurt that they let little kids feed a pool of hungry rainbows and brookies.

For me the highlight was finally seeing the Sairy Gamp — the 12 lb (!) wooden boat built by the legendary Adirondack boat builder Rushton.

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