Google Trends: Winter Outlook

Google Trends reports on volume for specific search queries. This graph shows that North Americans start to get curious about the outlook for winter right just before Labor Day. Interest peaks in long term winter outlook in October and then dies in December.

It’s also interesting to note that interest in the longterm winter forecast is primarily an east coast phenomenon. Click on images to enlarge.

Ski Bowl Liftline Pitch

LiesGore marketing has implied that the new run under the skibowl liftline is the second only to Rumor in steepness. Rumor, Skibowl Liftline, and then Lies comes third? I’ll tell you one thing SkiBowl Liftline LOOKS pretty steep on the topo. But that pitch was originally a “T” Bar. How could it be that steep?

I decided to see if I could figure it out. I have a hard time with grade to degree conversion. I have no idea if these numbers are correct and I’d like to be corrected if I’m off. On the Gore website in the History Timeline they list the dimensions of the original ski bowl T-bar as 3000′ long and 830′ of vertical. The new lift uses this same run so I’ll assume those numbers the same. On that same page, the percent grade for Rumor is listed at 70%. It’s undetermined if that pitch is for the headwall or the average of the whole run.

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